Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who has helped me get to $400 on my ChipIn widget! I was waiting to make this post, because usually AFS will send me an email (with info on who has donated), but it has been a while and I haven't gotten one. Regardless, I want to say thank you! With the dollar-for-dollar bonus from AFS during the month of April, this blog raised $800 for my tuition!

I got an email a few days ago from my AFS advisor, with a letter attached from the people at AFS Belgium. My (estimated) departure dates are August 14-17, which is basically what I expected. That's less than 4 months! I still haven't found out anything about my town/ host family/ host school, but I probably won't find out for a few months.

My Pre-Departure Orientation is less than a month away!

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  1. Here's the link to the FB group!