Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre Departure Orientation!

Today I got an email about my Pre-Departure Orientation! It's on May 22nd, so I have a little while to wait, but I'm excited that I know when it will be. I'm looking forward to meeting other outbounds! (Even if they aren't going to the same place as me)

I can count the months before I leave on one hand now!


  1. Oooh, la la, c'est magnifique! What a wonderful way to spend your "Sweet 16" or junior year.

  2. love the profile picture - did anybody ever tell you that you look just like Belgium? it's a stretch, I know...

  3. Hey Olivia! I just checked your blog out too! I am so excited for your year in Belgium! That will be a blast! I applied for the CBYX program for Germany and I am still waiting to hear. I have been accepted by Italy though! I have not received word about my orientation yet, but I will let you know if I will be at the one in Newton. Congratulations on Belgium!

  4. Hi Olivia :)

    I had my Pre-Departure orientation in New York on Saturday. It was lots of fun and you will feel so great afterwards. Talking to other students who either are or will be studying abroad is so reassuring. Good luck!